Watch Will Tennyson and 7-Time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath Prepare Arms


Phil Heath dominated the Mr. Olympia scene from 2011 by means of 2017, successful seven consecutive titles and cementing himself because the face of bodybuilding for the higher a part of a decade. It was introduced in mid-July that Heath would stay off stage for the 2022 Olympia to function a shade commentator for the occasion. Nonetheless, he does have a lifetime invitation to compete as a former Olympia champion.

The triceps are about greater than two-thirds of the arm proper? Begin off with that.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply the previous champ isn’t maintaining his physique stage-ready by way of his exercises within the fitness center. In a latest video posted to Will Tennyson’s YouTube channel, the health influencer joined the seven-time Olympia champion for an arm exercise that Heath used to retain many titles throughout his reign. Test it out beneath:

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Phil Heath & Will Tennyson’s Arm Exercise

If you wish to observe together with Heath’s arm exercise, listed here are the strikes, adopted by a breakdown of every one:

Straight Bar Pushdowns

Heath positions the arms at about 90 levels with out leaning for straight arm pushdowns. His decrease again is tight, his chest is up, and all the main target is on the triceps to attain the best vary of movement potential. Heath emphasizes the squeeze at peak contraction.

Grasp every pin. In any other case, you’re going to construct actually dangerous habits.

Heath hammers Tennyson to not be “braindead” and to acknowledge when the burden is just too heavy and decrease it so the train might be successfully executed. Heath is extra excited about kind than rep vary and doesn’t standardize what number of reps it takes to sufficiently heat up.

Ferrari is parked outdoors. It appears quick however it’s not the quickest on the planet. Does it need to show to you? No. However you understand it’s quick.

Heath goes by really feel, saying he might program a set rep vary, however that’s programming off what different folks do is unlikely to additional your journey. Heath could appear to be he can press the entire stack, however he doesn’t because it’s pointless to construct the muscle he needs. It’s all about time underneath pressure.

Folks can carry the entire stack, however nobody cares on stage the place holding poses for 5 or 10-plus seconds is the deciding issue. In case you can carry out a set of 10 to 12, holding every contraction for 5 seconds to finish the set, that’s actual energy in Heath’s view.

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Reverse Grip Pushdowns

Subsequent up for the duo was reverse grip pushdowns, emphasizing the squeeze at peak contraction. Heath believes coaching for time underneath pressure is a elementary method to construct not solely that dimension however definition and conditioning in bodybuilding.

It’s not about lifting heavy weights. Phil believes many bodybuilders have forgotten that mastering the workout routines on a base degree is important.

“They are saying follow makes good, however what for those who follow dangerous habits?”

Heath says you’ll want to reinforce method all through your exercise. When working tougher units, Heath seen that folks are likely to falter on their method when correcting themselves and sustaining good kind is essential. Executing repetitions like a well-oiled machine will help obtain most muscular stimulation.

Standing Unilateral Dumbbell Curls

For his or her first biceps motion, Heath chooses the standing unilateral dumbbell curl, working one facet to completion earlier than shifting to the alternative arm. If Heath does 10 reps, 9 must be good. Heath asks how he can anticipate to beat any competitor if he isn’t using his instruments.

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Incline Dumbbell Cranium Crushers & Standing Focus Curls

Heath demonstrates to Tennyson tips on how to execute cranium crushers on an incline using dumbbells. Heath suggests urgent “up” as a substitute of ahead on cranium crushers to alleviate elbow discomfort. Tennyson expresses he screwed up his elbow doing cranium crushers, and Heath had finished the identical. Nonetheless, that’s why Heath performs them this fashion, because it’s a typical situation with compound triceps actions.

I need my final set to be higher than my first set in each train I do.

The ultimate motion was a standing single-arm dumbbell focus curl. Whereas Heath prefers to do that motion seated, he feels the stress in his muscle extra so within the much less steady place. Heath emphasizes that this can be a sculpting motion. So, discover the place the place you’re feeling the muscle is working most and keep it up. If you’ll want to use cheat reps, that’s high quality, however use them strategically, not endlessly.

Recommendation For First-Time Rivals & Posing

Heath and Tennyson hit an impromptu posing session. Heath corrected Tennyson on some poses and confirmed him the correct variations.

Overprepare. How do you assume your gonna do for those who don’t know tips on how to pose? It’s important to rehearse with out the mirror as a result of the mirrors should not going to be on stage.

Heath factors out that Tennyson is pretty quad dominant and desires work on shoulders, particularly rear delts and higher chest

Folks don’t wish to work on what they don’t see. I need them to see all the things.

Heath’s final two appearances on the Olympia stage — in 2018 and 2020 — resulted in a second-place and third-place end, respectively. To see how Heath fares as a commentator, tune into the 2022 Olympia weekend in Las Vegas, NV, from December 16-18.

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