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The Advantages of Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedy – IronMag Bodybuilding & Health Weblog

by Matt Weik

Do you know what we breathe is simply 21% of oxygen, the remainder is made up of 78% nitrogen, and 1% is a combination of different gasses? Have you ever ever considered how helpful it will be to our physique if we might breathe rather more oxygen? Nicely, that’s what hyperbaric oxygen remedy does.

Although hyperbaric oxygen remedy has been used for many years, it grew to become well-liked within the twentieth century as a remedy for scuba divers who expertise decompression illness. Since then, hyperbaric oxygen remedy has developed as an efficient remedy for varied situations.

Disclaimer: This text is for informational functions solely. It isn’t meant to deal with or diagnose any situation. The data discovered inside this text just isn’t medical recommendation and shouldn’t supersede a physician’s analysis and remedy plan ought to you’ve got a well being situation. Using hyperbaric oxygen remedy ought to by no means be a substitute for any medicine that your physician places you on.

What’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedy or HBOT is a remedy that includes respiration 100% pure oxygen in a particular room or pressurized small chamber. The air stress with hyperbaric oxygen remedy is 3-4 occasions greater than the conventional atmospheric stress. It’s a painless and efficient remedy for varied illnesses.

This managed oxygen atmosphere is primarily used to deal with decompression illness, which is because of a scuba diving journey gone mistaken. Aside from that, it’s used to deal with varied different medical situations like radiation accidents, severe infections, bubbles of air within the blood vessels, non-healing wounds like diabetic foot ulcers, total well being and efficiency, and extra.

The concept behind hyperbaric oxygen remedy is that accidents and wounds heal sooner in an atmosphere that delivers 100% pure oxygen with stress greater than regular.

The Advantages of Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedy

Have you ever ever heard of or thought of utilizing hyperbaric oxygen remedy? If not, it’s possible you’ll discover the advantages to be exactly what you’re searching for.

Hyperbaric oxygen remedy is a medical process that should be carried out beneath medical supervision. A number of accepted makes use of of hyperbaric oxygen remedy are as follows:

1.     Decompression Sickness

Decompression illness is as a result of formation of nitrogen bubbles within the blood and tissues of scuba divers. Based on the US Navy 6 remedy handbook, hyperbaric oxygen remedy is used to deal with decompression illness.

It’s helpful in treating decompression sickness inside 24 hours of surfacing and is used to take away the bubbles from hips, joints, decrease backbone, and blood vessels.

2.     Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide can displace oxygen and cut back the quantity of oxygen provide to the tissues. As per a examine of sufferers affected by carbon monoxide poisoning, hyperbaric oxygen remedy reduces the demise fee and will increase the lifespan.

3.     Pores and skin Ulcers

Hyperbaric oxygen remedy additionally helps in treating pores and skin ulcers. As per a examine, a 4-week course of hyperbaric oxygen remedy for folks affected by ulcers reveals an enchancment within the restoration in 80% of the sufferers.

4.     Anemia

Hyperbaric oxygen remedy reveals a constructive impact on anemia. It’s recognized to profit the sufferers who usually are not in a position to settle for the blood transfusion on account of non secular causes, non-availability of blood, and immunologic causes.

Research present that 10 periods of hyperbaric oxygen remedy are recognized to alleviate the signs of individuals affected by hemorrhage.

5.     Burns

Hyperbaric oxygen remedy will increase the provision of oxygen to the areas that are affected by burns, and this helps to hurry up the restoration course of.

A examine reveals that sufferers handled with hyperbaric oxygen remedy exhibited an extended lifespan and sooner restoration as in comparison with individuals who simply used normal remedy.

6.     Irritation

The physique is continually combating irritation within the physique. This may come from stress, free radicals, and lots of different issues. By using hyperbaric oxygen remedy, you’ll be able to assist push oxygen into the cells, which might then assist preserve tissues and joints wholesome.

7.     Muscle Restoration

Athletes within the NFL, NBA, NHL, and lots of different athletic associations have been recognized to make the most of hyperbaric oxygen remedy as a part of their restoration protocol.

Athletes like Terrell Owens, LeBron James, Michael Phelps, Tim Tebow, and lots of others swear through the use of hyperbaric oxygen remedy after coaching and video games. Many athletes even sleep in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at evening to hurry up their restoration and stop accidents.

The Potential Dangers of Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedy

Based on the US Meals and Drug Administration, hyperbaric oxygen remedy is mostly thought of to be a security issue, and issues are uncommon as such. However due to elevated oxygen and stress in the course of the remedy, there exists potential threat of:

  • Ear and sinus ache
  • Momentary adjustments within the imaginative and prescient
  • Lung collapse in uncommon circumstances
  • Center ear accidents

Additionally, a couple of folks might expertise the next unwanted side effects:

  • Nervousness
  • Claustrophobia
  • Enhance in blood stress
  • Low blood sugar and extra

In some circumstances, oxygen toxicity or poisoning can exist. Extreme oxygen can result in convulsions and different issues. Aside from that, a excessive focus of oxygen within the course of poses a threat of fireplace, which is why the remedy by the FDA is advisable in an accredited facility.

Unsafe Amenities

Hyperbaric oxygen remedy chambers that don’t adjust to the FDA pointers could also be unfit for the remedy. It may well have the next disadvantages:

  • Unlikely to maintain required stress
  • No assure of purity of oxygen which may end up in ineffective remedy
  • Threat of fireplace and explosion, as pure oxygen is extremely flammable and explosive

As per a examine revealed in 2017, hyperbaric oxygen remedy guarantees wound therapeutic and varied different makes use of, however there’s a lack of consistency in observe.

The Backside Line

Hyperbaric oxygen remedy may help in treating varied situations. However make it possible for it’s achieved by a medical skilled and in hyperbaric oxygen remedy chambers that adjust to FDA rules. Keep away from going for hyperbaric oxygen remedy for unapproved makes use of as it could result in long-term hostile results.



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