Prepare Arms Like Shaun Clarida for a Striated Pump


When you’ve ever needed arms like the previous 212 Olympia champion “The Big Killer” Shaun Clarida, a video posted to his YouTube channel on Sept. 19, 2022, may draw your consideration. Throughout an intense, high-volume arm pump session following a Higher Our bodies Picture Shoot at Vacation spot Dallas Health club in Dallas, TX, Clarida walks via what it takes to have Olympia-level weapons.

With 18 weeks till the 2022 Olympia in Las Vegas, NV, scheduled for Dec. 16-18, 2022, Clarida goals to reclaim his success from 2020 when he took residence the 212 Olympia title. Clarida focuses on the high quality and management of every motion and adjusts within the second if mandatory to maximise exercises, which embody drop units, delaying compound till correctly heat for heavier weights, and extra. Take a look at Clarida’s arm exercise within the video beneath:

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Shaun Clarida’s Arm Exercise

If you wish to comply with together with Clarida’s arm exercise, listed below are the workouts, adopted by a breakdown of every one:

Rope Pushdowns & Low Cable Curls

Clarida started his exercise with just a few warm-up units on the rope pushdowns, so his triceps had been prepped for the compound actions forward. He completed the warm-up with a double drop set. Clarida believes that regardless of what number of units it takes, it is best to really feel heat earlier than trying heavy compound actions — it’s all about damage prevention. Clarida credit his no-nonsense coaching type for his success over his seventeen years within the fitness center; warming up correctly is crucial.

Warming the elbows up, warming the joints up, transferring some blood round. Kicking issues up so far as depth goes, simply attempting to be the perfect me.

After warming his triceps, Clarida moved to a low cable curl with a cambered bar to get his biceps and forearms warmed up. Clarida is transferring into his contest prep coaching and weight loss plan protocol however plans to maintain his coaching depth excessive, if not increased, to usher in his finest bundle but to the 2022 Olympia.

Straight Bar Pushdowns

Shifting onto one other triceps motion, not but glad along with his warm-up, Clarida performs straight bar pushdowns with a cambered bar. Clarida doesn’t maintain again on depth, growing the burden of every set. Clarida stripped all the way down to a tank prime to indicate his large physique that gained him the alias “Big Killer” to pump out another heavy set on the pushdowns earlier than working towards some poses for the digital camera.

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Standing Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Clarida opened with standing alternating dumbbell hammer curls for the biceps and forearms. Clarida carried out these curling throughout his chest for some added brachialis stimulation.

One among my favourite actions for actually thickening up the perimeters of the biceps, brachialis.

Clarida labored his approach as much as sixty-five-pound dumbbells on all sides for a pump that left Clarida’s arms veiny and drenched in sweat.

Standing Single Arm Overhead Dumbbell Extensions & Single Arm Machine Preacher Curls

Shifting onto one other triceps motion — a standing single-arm variation of the overhead triceps dumbbell extension. Unilateral actions work all sides equally and help in bettering any muscular imbalances. Steadily athletes are likely to favor their stronger facet in two-handed actions. A examine printed in PLOS ONE in 2018 urged that muscular measurement elevated extra effectively in teams that utilized each unilateral and bilateral actions than those who solely utilized bilateral actions (1).

Clarida labored his approach as much as 60-pound dumbbells on all sides. Persevering with with the unilateral methodology, Clarida utilized a preacher curl machine for some single-arm preacher curls. He maintained the identical depth from set to set with simply 18 from one other potential 212 Olympia victory.

Cable Cross Triceps Pushdowns 

Clarida completed off his triceps with a twin cable cross for some triceps pushdowns. Whereas not a unilateral motion, it does bias every triceps head all through the motion to assist Clarida chisel away at his 2022 masterpiece.

Using the cables to maintain fixed pressure on the triceps all through the total vary of movement with a good squeeze at peak contraction supply extra time underneath pressure for extra important muscular development alternative. Clarida enjoys this particular motion as a triceps finisher with a rep vary of 15-20.

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Shut Grip Standing Incline Barbell Curls

Ending the day robust, Clarida carried out a detailed grip cambered bar curls whereas leaning in opposition to an incline bench added stability. Clarida makes use of this train to bias the brachialis. He proceeded to carry out progressively heavier units.

I deal with arm day the identical approach I deal with leg day, onerous, heavy, and intense!

We’ll see if that involves fruition for him in December 2022, when he’ll try and reclaim the 212 Olympia crown. Clarida is certified for the Males’s Open Olympia contest and will attempt to topple two-time Mr. Olympia Mamdouh “Massive Ramy” Elssbiay as his rival from 2021, Derek Lunsford, will do. No matter which division Clarida competes in, he will likely be a contender for the rostrum end and probably one other Sandow trophy.


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