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Improve Your Bench Press and Construct a Larger Chest





Improve Your Bench Press and Construct a Larger Chest

By Charles Glass


Q: I’ve been coaching with weights for 2 years and I’m 35, 6-foot-2 and 270 at about 20% physique fats. My downside is my chest. It’s lagging. After two years I can nonetheless solely max out at 250. It kills me to see guys smaller than me hitting 350. Heredity has given me a giant chest with loads of meat however little muscle. It seems massive, however it’s simply fats. It’s so underdeveloped that it causes my tri’s to engulf my bi’s. Are you able to assist me with a chest routine that may get me into the 300+ membership? I positively wish to get larger too, but when I get stronger wouldn’t all the pieces else get larger? My routine as soon as per week is: incline barbell press, three units: I begin with 12 reps, then eight reps, then failure from three to 5; bench press, three units (identical); decline press, three units or incline cable flye (identical).


A: You ought to be involved. A 250-pound most bench press isn’t superb for a 270-pound man who’s been coaching often for 2 years. I’ve a sense your chest routine isn’t the rationale you possibly can’t put up extra weight than that, although. There’s an enormous false impression that the pectoral muscular tissues are what transfer the burden up within the bench press. Really, they’re simply a part of the group. You additionally will need to have highly effective triceps and entrance delts to drive the bar up off your chest. The truth is, in the event you ever get an opportunity to attend a powerlifting meet, you’ll discover one thing unusual. Lots of the boys who can bench press outrageous quantities of weight in proportion to their body weight – and I’m speaking about 220-pound guys who can bench 600 kilos – don’t have the large chest improvement you’ll count on them to. What they at all times do have, nevertheless, are thick triceps and anterior deltoids. And it’s possible you’ll count on them to do largely bench urgent of their coaching to extend their one-rep most (1RM), however you’ll discover that they do loads of so-called “help work” for shoulders and triceps. These workout routines are often close-grip bench presses, weighted dips and army presses. The truth is, if I recall appropriately, Ted Arcidi, one of many first males to bench press over 700 kilos in official competitors again within the Nineteen Eighties, might do just a few reps with 405 kilos within the seated army press and about 315 kilos for skull-crushers. Marvin Eder, who bench-pressed 515 kilos within the early Fifties at a body weight of simply 195 kilos (within the period earlier than steroids, I would add), might carry out dips with 400 kilos round his waist, in addition to do behind-the-neck presses with over 300 kilos. So I recommend you begin working onerous on compound actions for the shoulders and triceps. While you mentioned your chest was lagging, I’m unsure if all you had been referring to was power. Your phrasing was a bit complicated once you mentioned your chest had “loads of meat however little muscle,” as a result of sometimes meat is a slang time period for muscle mass.


If all you care about is power and never the precise improvement of the muscle, that’s your prerogative, however if you wish to enhance your pecs, you must cease pondering a lot about lifting weight and focus extra on working the muscle, or to be extra particular, feeling the muscle work. Focus intensely on squeezing or contracting the muscle as you press the burden up after which on stretching the muscle as you decrease it again down underneath management. Observe this with half your regular working weight and half your regular rep pace to construct a very good sense of mind-muscle connection. Energy and dimension are associated, however not almost as intently as most individuals suppose. A bodybuilder with a mastery of the mind-muscle connection can work his muscular tissues very onerous and make them develop with out utilizing tremendous heavy weights. Lastly, I believe you must critically take into account dropping some weight. 20% physique fats not solely seems fairly sloppy, it’s additionally unhealthy and will increase your possibilities of creating coronary heart illness, diabetes and different maladies you don’t need. 15% can be extra affordable. Add in just a few periods on the treadmill to your exercise routine each week after your weight coaching and tighten up that eating regimen to do away with junk, quick meals and extra carbs.


Charles Glass is the Godfather of Bodybuilding, with over 35 years of expertise as a coach of champions. Charles’ strategies produce dramatic and vital good points to anybody that applies them. His purchasers cross the spectrum from celebrities, health athletes, and professional athletes to on a regular basis individuals, and embody a few of the most profitable individuals within the health trade and quite a few Mr. Olympia and Bikini Olympia champions. For extra data, go to























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